Bringing Italy to Australia

GRASSROOTS ENDURO AUSTRALIA are pleased to import & introduce the ELEVEIT OFF ROAD range of riders gear into Australia.
The full range of ELEVEIT off-road riders gear is now available from GRASSROOTS ENDURO via
ELEVEIT have a proud history and vast experience producing high end riders wear which has now expanded into the off-road sector.

The ownership of Eleveit has over 30 years of experience in the production of technical work footwear and motorcycle boots, having already founded some of the most important leading companies in the sector.
This precious know-how, the deep knowledge of the sector, their dedication and intimate vocation, represent the guidelines that have always animated Eleveit and its founders, and indicate the direction to take for the future.
The X-LEGEND boots are bloody comfortable right out of the box, they have an excellent balance of ankle support and flexibility.
As an added bonus they fit riders who have large calves, the body of the boot itself is not adjustable but it has been made large enough to accommodate larger legged riders which is pleasing to see.

Grassroots Enduro have began testing the full range of ELEVEIT gear with very pleasing results, from the initial feel and look of the gear we can see the thought and effort that has gone into material selection and design throughout the ELEVEIT range.

The sizing of the ELEVEIT X-LEGEND boots are comparable to SIDI & GAERNE which both brands we are currently using and have done so for several years

Where design & experience meet function & performance


Eleveit, in its footwear, uses only the latest generation glues, extremely durable and effective, and soles with the highest quality compound able to ensure maximum resistance in case of rubbing with the ground but also with the bike footpegs.

ELEVEIT has been developed in Italy and tested under race conditions throughout Europe over the last two years to ensure the design and materials meet the functional requirements and rigorous demands of off-road racing.

Strong & practical with comfort.
The best available materials have been selected for the range of ELEVEIT gear.


The Four-Way Stretch fabric is characterized by a strong elasticity along all four main axes.

This allows it to perfectly follow the movements of the body, to guarantee maximum freedom of action, to improve comfort, to facilitate ventilation and transpiration, and to dry more quickly.

This type of fabric also allows you to make more “slim” cut garments, with an innovative look and a comfortable fit.

ELEVEIT off-road gloves provide snug comfort and protection with “over the nail” stitching to eliminate any chance of irritation to the finger tips.
The palm of the glove is double layered where the most powerful contact point meets the hand grip and calluses usually form.
An additional layer has also been added that extends between the thumb and forefinger provided extra protection and comfort for the contact points between your hands and hand grips.

Premium riders gear now available in Australia with thanks to ELEVEIT & GRASSROOTS ENDURO AUSTRALIA

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