Next Level Mentoring

As a part of our commitment to the two wheeled off-road scene in Australia, Grassroots Enduro Australia has introduced our “Next Level” mentoring program.

Next Level is aimed at encouraging and improving the riding skills of young riders in preparation for racing in hard enduro events within Australia and overseas.

Hard enduro has emerged as a fast growing discipline in off-road sports; it has a huge following all over Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and is growing in Australia.

Grassroots have established a three rider team, each team member will have  brand new Sherco motorcycle ready and waiting for them at each Grassroots event, they will also enjoy a professional pits area and full pit crew to assist them.
To finish the package off two of Australia’s best riders will help and mentor our team riders, this is designed to help our riders follow their dreams to compete as Australians in hard enduro competitions, both in Australia and overseas.

Grassroots Enduro Australia talent scouts riders within Australia, our selection criteria will be as per the following but not limited to:

Current ability

You don’t need to be riding like Graham Jarvis
but we need to see some potential to work with.


We will be looking for determination, a
willingness to improve and ability to stay
focused and calm in difficult situations.


You don’t need to be winning races or even
finishing on the podium to be selected.


Someone who is determined to eventually race
overseas and take on the world of hard enduro.

Family support

Without strong family support all of the above is more difficult; bikes, riding gear, travel to and from races and training events are very expensive and time consuming so family support is vital.

Our Next Level program will aid the selected riders by providing them with free professional coaching, allowing access to riders and resources such as enduro legend Ben Grabham from “Grabbos Trail & Track” & Tim Coleman from

Hard enduro ride days will also be a part of the program where learnt techniques can be put into practice and refined.

The selected riders will also have free entry to all of our events held in Australia so long as they hold a current AMA licence.