Husky/KTM Cylinder Flange Protector – Blue

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Exhaust-cylinder union protector.
ENDURO KTM / HUSKY 250 / 300CC YEARS: 2017-2020

It protects the joint area between the exhaust and the cylinder-valve cover, reinforcing these elements by creating a compact set.
Functional, prevents possible breakage and is beautiful.
Anticipate breakdowns and give your machine a different touch !!

Ideal for any pilot who wants to avoid this typical breakdown when hitting the exhaust pipe and after the impact ends up breaking the union part of the cylinder / exhaust valve / exhaust nozzle.
* A must for Extreme style
* Racing design, reliable and Alu 6000 material .
* 100% CNC, anodized finish with laser engraving. 

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Orange, Blue


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