GT723RH 140/80-18 (Rally/Desert/Race) * Unavailable ETA June/July2021 *

$259.95 inc. GST

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The GT723RH is a newly reinforced version of the dedicated Rally Raid and Desert Racing tyre – The GT723R.

We started with the success of the standard GT723 Performance Adventure tyre and reduced weight, added flexibility to the carcass for bump compliance and tweaked the compound and tread pattern to help drive in the softer terrain.

The exclusive features of the GT723RH work together to provide an unmatched level of stability and grip at high speeds. It’s rugged construction also means that it will finish any race, on any terrain that you can throw at it.
The GT723R + GT216AA Fatty has won the Africa Race “The real race to Dakar” for the last 2 years.

The newly updated RH version benfits from a reinforced carcass that allows the rider to continue riding after a puncture for a slightly extended period of time to increases the chances of arriving at the next mechanical checkpoint without having to comepletely reduce speed, or worse – lose the tyre from the rim completely.

Because of it’s mix of high performance and long life, the GT723RH is becoming a popular option for light dual-sport riders that require a tyre for prolonged periods of bitumen before hitting the off-road trails and hillclimbs.


  • – Rally Raid tyre developed and tested in the most demanding conditions on the planet.
  • – Enhanced sidewall construction provides an unmatched level of stability and bump compliance.
  • – Revised tread spacing creates increased cornering grip and straight-line acceleration compared to the standard GT723.
  • – Designed specifically for 500-700cc class bikes.
  • – DOT and F.I.M. approved and “H” speed rated for ultimate Rally Raid competition use.

**This tyre is designed for off-road racing and not recommended for aggressive highway use.**


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