GT823KH 90/90-21 (Performance Adventure) * Unavailable ETA Sept 2021 *

$189.95 inc. GST

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The GT823KH is our performance adventure tyre. It was developed to deliver an incredible feeling on asphalt, low road noise and extended longevity while it’s aggressive tread / compound is designed to maximise performance off-road.

It was born from the success of the GT723 adventure tyre as a base with the goal of creating the ultimate adventure tyre by increasing rider comfort on-road without losing the famous GT723 off-road performance.

Due to the great road manners of the GT823KH, it makes it a perfect choice for any casual dual sport rider while also being able to perform at the highest levels for off-road races and rally events.


  • Tubeless front tyre
  • Newly developed radial construction allows for less rolling resistance and road noise on bitumen.
  • Unique carcass structure & compound helps retain the famous GT723 off-road characteristics.
  • Provides excellent grip in all types of terrain.
  • Designed specifically for ADV, Cross Country, Desert and Enduro Rally.
  • Curved knob profile reduces road noise and helps increase lifespan on asphalt and gravel roads.
  • The perfect balance of grip and road manners to provide the ultimate adventure tyre for any conditions.
  • DOT and F.I.M. approved.

Adventure riding covers a wide variety of terrain and the GT823KH has you covered anywhere your adventure leads!


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