Sports Bike Carrier

$1,345.00 inc. GST

Rack N Roll Motorcycle Carrier Sport Bike Carrier
Engineering on Point here !
8mm Connection Plates, M12 8.8 bolts in double shear, 12mm Plate welded inside the SHS, this rack will carry more than our tow bars max ball capacity.
This Carrier needs to be used on vehicles with 300kg-350kg Tow Ball Capacity so Full Size 4WD’s, Dual Cab utes etc.
There is a lot in this carrier, hence the cost but it is a high quality product designed especially for Sport bikes.
One man loading and unloading in 3 minutes with no fear of you ending up on a YouTube Motorcycle Loading Fails video !
Top of Form


This is the Rack N Roll Motorcycle Carrier is designed especially for Super Bikes !
Our Sports Carrier is designed especially for low clearance bikes with up to 200 rears.
Adjustable tyre slides hold bike upright so you can strap and secure bike as a one man job.
Same theory as our MX Carrier here, the more you can pull the bike down on the shock the more secure it will be.
The front tyre is locked in, unlike “tyre roll over wedges” that only work while yanking the bike down by the forks.
We still strap off the bars / forks but only pull them down 5-10mm, it’s a back up.



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