Introducing A.M.A Grassroots Enduro Australia “Rally Aid”

While many towns are being hit hard by the drought, Grassroots Enduro has decided we will hold several non-competitive events dubbed as “Rally Aid” in small towns that could use a financial boost; apart from money being brought into the towns, we will aim to give the locals something to look forward to and hopefully lift their spirits a little.
Moving beyond the drought, Grassroots Enduro Australia will continue with the “Rally Aid” programme with the aim of raising funds for various causes.

The number of events will be determined by the demand and support we get from riders.
At this stage, all Grassroots Enduro Rally Aid events will be non-competitive, two day events.

The aim of the Grassroots Enduro Rally Aid programme is:

  • Help stimulate the economy of
    small businesses in country towns.
  • Help lift the morale of residents
    affected by drought.
  • Work with the local councils and businesses
    of the town in order to provide safe & entertaining
    weekends for all involved.
  • Raise funds for various causes (not political).
  • Provide low cost entry fee
    to all Rally Aid events.
  • Provide great tracks for
    riders of all abilities.
  • Improve the public perception of
    off road motorcycle enthusiasts.