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Wade Ibrahim the King of Australian Hard Enduro for 2021

Wade Ibrahim the King of Australian Hard Enduro for 2021

While the national hard enduro series was cut short due to border closures there’s no denying the skills, determination & ability of Victorian based rider Wade Ibrahim.

Wade claimed the top step at the Kosciuszko Killer and pulled up in 2nd place at the Queensland based round the Capricorn Xtreme in what has been described as the toughest hard enduro race in Australia to date.

Our congratulations go to Wade.

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Australian Hard Enduro Championship 2022

As we all know 2020 & 2021 have been tumultuous years with COVID-19 punctuating our event schedule.

However, the events that did proceed to date have been world class, with passionate and skilled riders from all over Australia attending and competing in each class.

Grassroots Enduro Australia thanks the landowners, the riders, the sponsors, volunteers, sweeps and the track cutters that put in enormous hours and commitment to ensure each round was a success.

The most recent ongoing lockdowns have no doubt taken their toll on many of our riders and their families, we have certainly felt the pinch professionally & personally.

The financial strain Grassroots Enduro has experienced since 2020 is very testing, however this has not dampened our resolve and passion to bring you world class Hard Enduro events for 2022.

Strategically, we have had to dig deep and make some tough decisions that will help us heal and secure a better financial footing throughout 2022 and set up us up for 2023 and beyond, these decisions will affect our event schedule for 2022.

As a part of our rebuilding pathway, we have decided to reduce the series from six rounds to five rounds, this will see each round separated by six weeks, this allows riders to recover physically and financially, along with keeping the boss at work happy.

Based on rider feedback, more training days and recreational events will also become a part of our agenda is 2022, reducing the series to five rounds will grant us more time to accommodate this.

2021 and Beyond

The 2021 Wildwood Rock Extreme has been cancelled for 2021, please contact Wildwood Rock for any enquires.


In addition to our fantastic foundation sponsors who have been a valuable part of our team since the inception of Grassroots Enduro and the National Hard Enduro Series, we are excited to welcome several more passionate sponsors for the 2022 season, we will publicly announce our new partners in due course.

All of our sponsors play a valuable role in the series and we thank them for their support.

We also welcome Tim Coleman who will join us in 2022 as a roaming reporter, on the tracks & in the pits.
If you are flipping your bike down a hill or weeping in the fetal position, chances are Tim will capture you in all your glory😁

The A.H.E.C event Schedule for 2022 is as per below
Round 1: April 2 & 3 Kosciuszko Killer (Vic)
Round 2: May 14 & 15 Tenterfield Terror (NSW/QLD)
Round 3: June 25 & 26….. TBA
Round 4 August 13 & 14 Hill Storm (NSW)
Round 5 September 24 & 25 InsaneRide (Tasmania)

Back-up Date: Oct 1&2

The InsaneRide 2021 has become another victim of border closures and public health orders.
All registered riders will be contacted via email and refunded.
See you in Tassie in September 2022 !!



Round 1: March 6 & 7 – Tenterfield Terror
Tenterfield N.S.W. DONE & DUSTED

Round 2: April 17 & 18 –  Kosciuszko Killer
Towong Upper Vic  DONE & DUSTED

Round 3: July 3 & 4 – “Capricorn X-treme” 
Mount Morgan Qld DONE & DUSTED

Round 4: August 28 & 29 – “Hill Storm” Hard Enduro

Round 5: November 7 – Wildwood Rock Extreme

Round 6: Nov 13 & 14
InsaneRide Poatina Tasmania CANCELLED DUE TO COVID

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