Motorcycle Events

Join us this 2019 for a new and exciting series of motorcycle enduro events for Australia.


Grassroots Enduro Australia

Grassroots Enduro Australia is developing a new and exciting series of motorcycle enduro events for Australia for 2019 and beyond. For those that enjoy the competitive side of enduro we will be hosting timed racing series that will travel to each state in Australia.

We will also be holding non-competitive events for riders who are not interested in racing but enjoy the atmosphere of enduro.

Grassroots Enduro events are family friendly, camping at our events is encouraged where available and there will be plenty for the kids to do (watch this space).



bring back the fun

Grassroots Enduro is bringing back the fun to enduro, we run hard enduro events, kids rides, traditional enduro and we’ll be introducing several other exciting events.

Spectators are permitted to walk to dedicated spectator areas that are dotted along the tracks. If you want to get involved in the action and help drag bikes through tough sections during hard enduro events you can sign on as a volunteer and get your hands dirty.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of land owners we have secured private property in each state that allows us to run our events and you to enjoy them.